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12 Puzzle Brain teaser interlocking wooden Puzzle set in a Deluxe Gift Box -for kids or adults


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This great 12 escape room mechanical puzzle variety set comes in an attractive handcrafted box.

This is a perfect gift for all ages and skill levels, from the budding young puzzler to an experienced strategist! We’ve selected twelve of our most popular puzzles of varying difficulty levels and puzzle types for this unique gift set.

If you get too frustrated with one puzzle just pick up another! With 12 puzzles to choose from, this gift set provides months of entertainment for new and experienced puzzlers to build their skill level.

This special collection puzzle gift set is the perfect way to keep children aged 10 and up intellectually stimulated and entertained after school, over summer vacation, or even on a long trip. This collection also makes a handsome and unique gift for adults, perfect for that family member, friend, or colleague that’s always hard to shop for. Adults will be challenged by these puzzles, again and again, making this box set a great desk toy or coffee table game to share with colleagues and friends.

12 Puzzles Deluxe Gift Box Set

 puzzle combo comes in luxurious Paper box.

Ready to be gifted

Timeless pieces suitable for kids or grown-ups.

Send your Gift with Style and Taste!

 12 Puzzles in the box:

 Soma Cube, Star Puzzle, Snake, Lumberjack, Soccer Ball Puzzle

 Shooting Star, 12 Puzzle, Diamond Puzzle A, Diamond Puzzle B, Burr Puzzle, Round Diamond and Square Puzzle


21 x 18 x 20 cm


3 out of 5 to 4 out of 5 


All our puzzles/games are individually handmade using highest quality rubber wood and/or monkey wood.

We meet international standards (including CE, EN7 and ASTM).

Besides the fun time, it’s also perfect for displaying on your shelf as a beautiful piece of artwork.

Solutions/instructions included:

Every puzzle comes with individual solutions/instructions (just in case)

What’s in the box:

Soma Cube: This puzzle contains 7 pieces. The traditional puzzle is to form a cube and unlike most puzzles, which have only one right answer, there are up to 240 ways to build the 3x3x3 Soma cube! During your quest for all 240 solutions, you will also discover the 100 other shapes that can be built using these same 7 pieces. This beautiful puzzle comes in its own finely crafted wooden box with a top. The Soma puzzle invented by Piet Hein.

Star Puzzle: This beautiful and intriguing puzzle is made of six identical wooden pieces that interlock to form a 3-D star. Releasing the star is easy, but putting it back together is much more difficult than it looks. The smooth feel of these precision-cut pieces make this puzzle a joy to play with and the high quality of the wood and craftsmanship ensure it will last for years to come. Once you’ve solved the Star Puzzle it makes a beautiful art piece to display on a bookshelf or coffee table for others to enjoy.

Burr puzzle: This classic six-piece puzzle contains three sets of rod pairs, which need to intersect to form the burr seed-shaped puzzle. This medium-difficulty puzzle is a perfect way to practice your patience and concentration as you search for the perfect placement of each piece to form the burr.

Here is the list of puzzles in the set by difficulty level:

Star Puzzle: 6 pieces – difficulty level 2.5 out of 5

Three: 3 pieces – difficulty level 3 out of 5

3 Triangles: 3 pieces – difficulty level 3 out of 5

Snake cube: 27 cubes – difficulty level 3 out of 5

Burr puzzle: 6 pieces – difficulty level 3 out of 5

Diamond Cube 2: 12 pieces – difficulty level 3 out of 5

Falling Star puzzle: 9 pieces – difficulty level 3.5 out of 5

Ball in Jail: 12 pieces + a ball – difficulty level 3.5 out of 5

3D Squares Cube: 12-piece – difficulty level 4 out of 5

Tavor: 12 pieces – difficulty level 4.5 out of 5

Natch: 13 pieces – difficulty level 5 out of 5