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Date Seed Coffee (Caffeine Free)


Our journey began with a simple question: How can we make everyday life more enjoyable, serene, and health-conscious?

The answer led us to curate a collection of products that cater to your senses, whether it’s creating a relaxing ambiance or savouring the joy of cooking. Lifestyle changes that involve little steps add up to big steps.

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Our Date Seed Coffee presents a unique and healthful alternative for those seeking a rich, caffeine-free beverage. Made from premium, organically sourced date seeds, this exquisite blend is not only about its unique taste but also about its nutritional benefits. Along with its earthy and subtly sweet flavour, our Date Seed Coffee is enriched with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, making it a wonderful choice for your overall well-being. It is ideal for those looking to lower their caffeine intake or discover new, healthful flavours.

This is one of the most unique products in the world. It was developed in the southern parts of the Middle East, near the Gulf Region, where the temperature could rise to 50 degrees in summer. Palm trees full of dates grow naturally in this area without the need for any chemicals or pesticides.

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