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Saffron Honey 500g


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Introducing hand-crafted Saffron Honey, a luxurious blend of pure, raw Sunshine Coast Honey and the finest quality saffron. A harmonious combination that’s as delicious as it is beneficial for your health. This Saffron Honey stands out for its impeccable ingredients and meticulous crafting process.

What Makes Saffron Honey Unique?

Premium Ingredients: Chosen for both their health benefits and quality, the ingredients include Premium Quality sargol saffron from the Middle East, organically farmed and hand-processed, and raw Australian Honey from the Sunshine Coast.

Cold-Infusion Process: We carefully infuse the honey with saffron, preserving the rich biochemical compounds in both ingredients.

Lengthy Infusion Time: A 12-week process in controlled conditions, protecting from heat and light, ensures optimal infusion.

Ingredients: Raw honey, Premium certified saffron.

This heavenly marriage of the finest saffron and all-natural raw Australian honey is a delicious and healthy way to add a drop of sweetness to your day.

This honey is made from pure raw Sunshine Coast Honey which is obtained directly from the beehive WITHOUT any processing, heating, the adding of sugar or rice syrup or other additives and preservatives. Just the way mother nature intended. 


A cool, dark spot away from sunlight is the ideal abode for your Saffron Honey, ensuring the preservation of its nuanced flavours and wellness attributes. In the event of crystallisation, a simple warm water bath for 30 minutes effortlessly restores its liquid grandeur.

Allergy Information

While Saffron Honey is a treasure of health and taste, it’s essential to note its pollen traces. Not suitable for children, and those with sensitivities should approach with caution, ensuring that each indulgence marries luxury with safety.

Something truly beautiful happens when Quality Raw Sunshine Coast Honey & Premium Saffron meet

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